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Sophie la girafe Non-Spill Sippy Cup for Baby and Toddler

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  • NON-SPILL: This sippy cup features an ergonomic spout that favours a natural suction action reminiscent of that of a baby bottle, this cup is ideal for making the transition from bottle-feeding to drinking from a cup.
  • REMOVABLE VALVE: The removable valve is great for when your child progresses to drinking faster over time. It can also be used later as a beaker. This sippy cup is suitable for ages six months and older.
  • ADORABLE DESIGN: This sippy cup has two textured handles for little ones to grip and hold onto. Your little one will love how Sophie is revealed as they drink.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: This sippy cup is dishwasher safe. Place on top rack and ensure the cup is not leaning against or under other items in the dishwasher as this could distort the shape of the cup.
  • FRESH TOUCH: "Fresh Touch" is the most complete range of products bearing Sophie la girafe.This collection offers a wide product range covering all the baby's needs at any moment of the day and in every stage of his growth.