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Air Fryer VPCOK Airfryer Health Fryer Oil Free and Low Fat Cooking, 1300-1500W, XL, Black, Airfryers Cookbook Included

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  • Healthy Frying: High-speed air circulation replaces traditional oil-rolling frying that makes it heating faster and more evenly. Being oil-free and healthier for making a variety of delicious meals. Different from traditional cooking, this airfryer is equipped with an air filter to ventilate and cool away after cooking.
  • Excellent Details: Made of high-quality and high-temperature shell to prevent burns and non-stick coating liner to make it safe and non-toxic. With separable fried basket and hollow design on the bottom, this air fryer is safe to help you effectively remove superfluous fats of food. With the design of anti-scaling handle, heat-resistant material and automatically power off when basket removed, this airfryer is safe and reliable for use.
  • Intelligent Design: The cooking time and temperature can be set according to the different ingredients with simple operation. There are seven simple and fast-fried recipes on the touch screen, which can be help you enjoy delicious food quickly by easy setting on the airfryer.
  • Easy Cleaning: Small size but large capacity that can meet the needs of the family. The airfryer and frying basket are separated and designed for easy disassembly. Made of non-stick material, this air fryer can be cleaned easily by a cleaning cloth.
  • Professional VPCOK: Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any issues with this airfryer. Please refer the User Manual carefully before use the air fryer..